How to choose summer sneakers

The temperatures are inexorably approaching the thirties, the sun is shining outside... That means only one thing! The time has come to pick out a new pair of sneakers. But it is clear to me that this discipline is extremely difficult. That's why I decided to make your choice a little easier and prepared a small guide for buying summer sneakers for you.

When they are not in their thirties
Whether you want to put something other than slippers on your feet or just match sneakers with a semi-formal outfit, the next few lines are just for you.

The clear number one of the draft is the Nike Dunk . Low silhouette, lots of colors and a timeless look. All these attributes are really important for a summer sneaker. But what to choose? There are tons of Colorways on the web.

For myself, I can recommend, for example, the Nike Dunk Low Retro Red Swoosh Panda , which stand out with super leather and colors that go with practically everything. For thick-tongued enthusiasts (get Nike SB Dunk), I'd break out the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Black Gum and the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro White Gum . And as a universal pick for both boys and girls Nike Dunk Low Retro White Grey .

But if you like Jordans and would like to keep them on your feet during the summer, be sure to take a look at the Air Jordan 1 Low category.

The hit of the summer
If any sneakers are a clear hit of the summer, they are definitely the Vans Knu Skool .

Originally introduced in 1998, the silhouette has returned to the forefront of sneaker popularity this spring and summer.

To the water or to the city
There is nothing better than when your foot breathes well, you are not bothered by complicated shoes... in short, you are comfortable with everything. Just for this occasion, it is ideal to put on some slippers!

For myself, I can recommend the Yeezy slide , both in the popular Bone colorway or the universal Onyx , Yeezy Foam RNR .

An extra dose of comfort
Whether it's summer or winter, one thing is really important when it comes to sneakers. It's not the shape, the color scheme or the materials - it's the comfort! And the most comfortable sneakers we have in stock have one thing in common. Boost technology.

Trust me, you can't go wrong with any Boost sneaker. Whether it's the Yeezy Boost 350 , or if you're not a fan of the three stripes, be sure to check out the Air Max category or maybe New Balance .

You probably don't want to burn yourself
In the summer, it usually doesn't bother you much... but what can ruin the day are burnt shoulders. You should make sure it doesn't happen to you.

And what is the easiest way? Well, a nice new t-shirt. For example, from Supreme or Essentials . Plus, you can wear it all year round! And it pays off after all.

So have fun and enjoy your summer.

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